Custom Soccer Scarves from Global Scarves

If you’re looking for Custom Soccer Scarves for your team, high school or college connect with us now!
It’s a simple process to order your custom scarves from us.

Step 1

Fill in our Inquiry form to give us a few details about what you’re looking for.  Your dedicated Global Scarves rep will contact you.

Step 2

We offer a FREE design service so we’ll design your personalized scarf if you send us your logo or brand guidelines.  Or upload your own artwork whatever you prefer.

Step 3

Place your order and make payment.

Step 4

We’ll create your custom scarves - sending you a sample photo for approval before mass production.

Step 5

Your custom scarves will be shipped directly to you as soon as they are ready.
Making your personalized scarves is as easy as this! 


Why are scarves so popular? 

For generations fans all across Europe have worn scarves when going to the game, it’s just like putting on a jersey or beanie. Scarves are part of the culture of soccer and many other sports across the world creating team spirit.

As well as this, our personalized scarves are made from high-quality materials made for Pro teams around the world, making a Global Scarves custom scarf the perfect accessory.  That's why, at Global Scarves, you are getting the true authenticity when ordering from us! 

We only knit in the softest fabric possible with the best customer service and price so don’t worry you won’t get a ruff neck from wearing our scarves. 

Creating your own custom scarf is easier than you might think, our die-hard staff have years of customer service and knowledge about each of our scarf styles and can help you guide the pass to your very own personalized scarf. 

If you don’t have your own artwork don’t worry we have a team of graphic designers at hand to help create your own custom scarf. Our minimum order is only 25 scarves so why not test the waters first with a small custom order?  We offer worldwide shipping with no stress.


Custom Scarves

Custom scarves are designed to meet your specific requirements. With a range of different styles and options available, you can create a personalized scarf that reflects your sports team, business and preferences. Whether you want to knit or print your soccer team logo, branding, or a custom design, custom scarf services can help you achieve your vision.

Custom Scarf Printing

If you're looking for something unique contact Global Scarves. Only by assembling your own scarf can you get everything you want. These custom printed or knitted scarves make a great addition to every soccer fan’s wardrobe.  You'll be able to choose from 5 fabulous fabric scarf styles to create your custom scarves. All have distinct and individual characteristics.

Custom Printed and Knitted scarves

Custom printed scarves are an excellent way to promote your sports team or business. With your sports team logo, colors or branding printed or knitted on a scarf, you can create a stylish and memorable accessory that will help increase brand awareness. Custom printed and knitted scarves are perfect for corporate gifts, trade shows, or as part of a marketing campaign. They are also great for sports teams, high schools, and organizations looking to create a sense of unity and pride.  

Common Questions:

Is it scarfs or scarves?

Both are totally legit plural forms of "scarf." But the more popular one is "scarves." Basically, a "scarf" is a piece of cloth you wrap around your neck or head to keep warm or look cool. But "scarfs" can also mean tying or wrapping something around an object, like a rope around a post. So, if you're looking to rock a stylish neck accessory or you wanna bundle up and stay cozy, go for a scarf or a bunch of scarves. And if you're into knotting or wrapping things, maybe try some scarfs instead!

Where did the scarf culture come from?

In the early 50s and 60s sport scarves were traditionally hand knitted bar scarves in warm wool by family members.  As jacquard and weaving techniques evolved across the UK and Europe custom patterns knitted within a scarf started to emerge then in the early 2000s scarves hit the USA.

How much does it cost to order custom scarves?

Depending on the quantity and knit style it can be from as little as $6 per scarf.