How to make your own custom blanket?

How to make your own custom blanket?

  • Fancy a challenge? Something to keep your mind busy….. Well how about knitting your own custom blanket?…. 
  • As the cooler weather approaches now is the time to start considering holiday gifts and with our 62inch by 53 inch blanket makes this craft challenge something fun to do.

Our custom blankets are knitted on a 12gg knitting machine, if you don’t have access to one then don’t worry, dust off your knitting needles and start knitting your one-sided pattern, any size will do but we knit 62inch by 53 inch as it covers the end of the bed nicely but it’s also not too bulky to take with you at them late night soccer games or at the frosty hockey stadiums.


fleeced-cropped-cleanWhen selecting your yarn colors it makes sense to try and match the yarn as close as possible to the team or school mascot that you want to knit, we match all our yarns to the official PMS codes of the clubs we knit. 

By now you should have your fabric knitted, now it’s time to start thinking which fleece backing color you’re going to use, Black is always a good choice as it doesn’t show the dirt but you may also want to use a color that you’ve used on the front knit. At Global Scarves we let you select the fleece color and if we don’t have it in stock we can always dye the fabric to get you that 100% match.

So now you should have the front knit and the fleece all cut out to the same size. The next step is sewing them together, we recommend you overlock the two sides together and hide the sewing edges using colored piping/tape. You’ll need a steady hand for this part as the sewing lines will be noticed within the finished product. 

A quick steam press and hey-ho you’ve done it.

A lot of work goes into making blankets so to make it easier why not inquiry for Global Scarves to knit your blankets for you? Min order is 12pcs and it’s a great fundraiser for schools and clubs. 

We can design the pattern to your requirements and have them finished to the highest quality.

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